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E-Mail, Fax, or Phone your order

2485 Waynewood Dr. Fowler, Oh. 44418
Remit to: P.O. Box. 189 Vienna, Oh. 44473

Tel: 1.330.637.2849
Toll Free Tel: 1.800.247.2726

Fax: 330.394.2403        click here to download our order form.


Credit cards accepted (minimum order $25.00)
Credit Cards
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All orders placed by individuals must be accompanied by Credit Card information or a Personal Check with order.


We accept purchase orders authorized by private and public schools located in the United States. All purchase orders can be faxed or mailed to 3 Z's LLC. Schools may also pay by credit card. Net terms are 30 days.


When ordering living material, please include the name of the instructor using the material and specify a ship date. Living materials will ship Fed-express Monday through Wednesday. If your specimens do not arrive healthy or alive, please contact our customer service dept. immediately to arrange for a replacement.

Hawaii Restriction Notice

Shipments of living materials (viruses, algae and bacteria, plants, protozoa, insects and other animals etc.) is restricted.


The following United States Shipping Charges apply:
   -Minimum shipping charge: $10.00 1st pound for microscope accessories.
   -Monocular and binocular microscopes, or balances: $12.50 each

Advisory On Releasing Organisms

3 Z's provides living organisms for educational purposes only. As a general policy, we do not advocate the release of organisms into the environment. In some States, it is illegal to release organism, even indigenous species, without a permit. The intentions of these laws is to protect native wildlife and the environment.
- maintained in the classroom
- donated to another classroom or science dept.
- with parental permission, adopted or taken home by students
- donated to a nature center or zoo
- disposed of humanely, as a last resort

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